The best type of guarantee is the one you’ll never need. We achieve this through a threefold process. Before we agree on a service, we explain what can and cannot be achieved. By being honest and clear about our offering, we never raise false expectations. Then we follow our proven processes that delivers the best possible results. This ensures that whatever our technician advised could be achieved gets delivered.

Once we are done, we happily take the time walking you through the job, explaining what has been achieved, and discussing what long-term damage has been revealed. Even if time and wear has changed the look of a fabric, we are certain that our process has left it clean and hygienic.

This process of advising, achieving, and then discussing should give you a level of satisfaction that we are proud of, and bring you back time and again. Then, if a spot should reappear or something else come to your attention within 30 days after our technician has left, we will gladly return and address the issue free of charge. We are committed to your satisfaction and proud of the reputation it has given us.


We strive to be very clear with customers about the services we provide. It is important to us that you know exactly what to expect from every type of job we do. Every quote that we provide specifies what is included and to what extent we are able to achieve the result that you require. This is possible because we have tested systems in place for every type of task, and our highly trained staff know how to use their chemicals and equipment to achieve the agreed outcome.

This proven system of matching promises in our quotes with tested outcomes, is used across every type of service we offer, and tailored to each of the spaces we provide services in. We are always clear about our total cost before the job begins and there are never any hidden fees. This dedication to transparency and commitment to deliver, has achieved a high level of trust from our clients. We have worked hard for our reputation, and know how to retain it.