Why come and work for us?

Master’s Touch Steam Cleaning values and supports all employees. We arrange training and provide certification for our technicians through IICRC. We are always careful to schedule jobs with a reasonable time period. This is because we understand that doing a job you’re proud of can take a bit longer when the situation demands it.

Master’s Touch is the leading steam cleaning services provider in Texas because of our staff attitude. It is impossible to get the quality of service we’re so proud of through training alone. That level of care demands a heartfelt commitment to the job. We get that by providing the very best conditions we can for all of our staff. We pay well, and above industry standards, but that’s only the beginning.

We are also focused on customer satisfaction. Making happy customers can be the most satisfying part of the job. So we give you the training, equipment, and cleaning solutions that make this easy to achieve. We then have proven systems that when followed get the results the customer is looking for. This means that you’ll never be placed in the awkward position of trying to please the customer and the company. Pleasing the customer is what we do best.

Benefits and perks


As a member of our cleaning team, we provide fully stocked company vehicles with every cleaning tool and solution you need to get the job done with great results. No more worrying about being reimbursed for fuel costs or, even worse, having to pay all fuel costs associated with your job. All of our company vehicles are equipped with a company fuel card. We even give you a drive-time paid allowance each day.


Our primary objective in providing the best equipment for the job, is to ensure a quality finish. But one of the many benefits is that using effective equipment makes the job easier, and gives that satisfaction of getting great results.


And we are a company that recognizes the value of robust systems. This enables us to deliver a consistent product to our clients, but it also makes our working environment much more pleasant. Effective systems get predictable results. You know what’s coming, what’s expected of you, and when changes are made, they make sense. We also understand that we’re a 24/7 operation and what demands on lifestyle that requires. Because of this, we’re really careful and considerate with our staff rosters and scheduling to enable you to find that perfect work-life balance.


We understand that our business success is based on people and processes. Our people are the heart of our company. Because we value our staff so highly, we show this by paying above the standard industry pay rate for all our positions. This, and providing a positive, supporting environment results in a very low turnover rate. We also provide uniforms and shoes. You are well on your way to better earnings! Take the first step by applying for a position within our company today!


Our passionate staff work hard. So when it comes to having a break, we want them to really relax. We’ve provided a break room stocked with free snacks, like popcorn, chips, and crackers, as well as bottled water, sodas and coffee. The comfortable lounge area has free WiFi and is furnished with couches and a television.


By frequently holding company functions, from pizza parties to holiday dinners, as well as games with bonuses, we’ve built a strong team. Developing great staff morale and working relationships is important to us, and we enjoy holding entertaining events to achieve this.

Job Board

Steam Cleaning Technician

We are seeking a Steam Cleaning Technician to join our team! You will be responsible for maintaining a clean and orderly environment.


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Sales Executive

We are seeking an Sales Executive to join our team!


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Office Customer Service Specialist

We are seeking an Office Customer Service Specialist to join our team!


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