Our Mission

To consistently deliver a superior service at an affordable price. To deal honestly and quote the full price upfront. To never sacrifice quality and always use technicians that have completed thorough hands on trainings as well as been trained and certified by IICRC on their knowledge of fibers, best practices, and cleaning solutions.


Through the use of the best practices, safe effective cleaning solutions, and genuinely caring about our customers and our work, we have a positive impact on every person we deal with, and every place we enter.

We will grow our business on the foundation of this positive impact. And continue to improve our services and processes by learning from customer feedback. Listening to our customers and delivering exactly what they want will make Master’s Touch Steam Cleaning the name people trust and turn to for their steam cleaning needs.


Master’s Touch was established almost a decade ago as a two person operation with a commitment to quality and value. By investing in quality equipment, and always delivering as promised, our company has grown quickly.

We now have multiple vans operating in a growing number of cities throughout Texas. Growing quickly can be hard, but we put our customers and the quality of service above the easy option of outsourcing or franchising staff. We know that the only way to have complete control over standards and customer experience, staff must be employed directly and supported by the entire company.

Our Team

All of our staff are directly employed by us, and we don’t franchise. We also use our size to create career opportunities for every man and woman on our staff. As well as our certified steam cleaning technicians, we have a strong support team behind the scenes. Receptionists are ready to answer your calls, or respond quickly to emails.

We also have staff who know what equipment and cleaning solutions are available in the market. And other staff who are skilled at maintaining it and training technicians on the most advanced techniques. And all the way to the top of our organisational tree, you’ll find dedicated staff who remain focused on our customer’s experience. Staff who know the strength of our business depends on the quality of our cleaning services.

Their efforts keep all of the little details in check so that our clients can always be confident of a great job, done on time. Our systems make us rise above the rest, while our staff make us the best.